Miroad A26 Voice Activated Audio Recorder Premium Digital Voice Recorder Multifunctional Portable Rechargeable Dictaphone MP3 Player  
  • VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDER:This recorder has a voice activated option (you can turn it on or off) instead it ONLY RECORDS when sound is detected.
  • EASY MODE FUNCTION for switching between recording dictations and listening to your music. The buttons, highly-distinctive LCD screen and speaker are designed to for easy use
  • MAC/WINDOWS COMPATIBLE:This model is formatted FAT32, so all Mac users and all Windows users will be able to plug this in and have it display just like a flash drive, and use it, for file transfer of your WAV files to your computer.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: This device is capable of recording high quality sound files at 192kbps and that means that it will record a maximum of about 94 hours, you can choose lower quality for longer recording time which makes it energy efficient,and it can record continuously for 4 hours on a single charge.