Miroad CL901 13" A3 Hot & Cold Doucument Photo Thermal Laminator Laminating Machines kit with 100x3 mil A4 Hot Pockets,Two Roller System,Quick 3 mins Warm-up,High Laminating Speed,1-Year Warranty  
  • Includes 100 x 3 mil Hot Pockets for free.Suitable for up to A3 /A4 Size document photo.
  • Designed to be used in a home or small office environment.We recommend only using the machine on 120V, 60Hz.
  • Quick Heat-Up to Save Time - The laminator is designed to heat-up within 5 minutes. Also it works efficiently- up to 12 inches/minute. It can work up to 2 hours per use.
  • Perfect for Home, Office, Classroom - It helps create tags for distinguishing boxes/drawers and produce laminated home calendars and re-usable grocery lists. Besides, by laminating items, it helps in protection and preservation, for example, recipe card or any student's artwork.
  • supports laminating pouches from 3 mil to 5 mil.